Tuesday, 22 July 2014

St Mary's Road event coming up

The people from Pocket Places have another event coming up on St Mary's Road next week.

Pocket Places is run by Sustrans and funded through he Health Lottery.  In Garston Pocket Places are looking at what we can do to improve the shared space on St Mary's Road (mainly the bit from the old Co op up towards the library)

The team have had a few pop up consultation events and are now organising a report back on 26th July (Saturday).

From 11 till 2 they'll be on the pavement outside the old Co op with feedback and another chance to have a say.  There'll also be bike advice, cold drinks and cake.

Garston Carnival - are you up for it?

I'm working with a small group to explore whether or not we can reinstate part of the old Garston carnival.

We are looking at the parade element with floats etc.

I know lots of people miss this.

I also know just how much organisation and work will be needed if we are to see a parade again.

If you are someone who is happy to take on a role in planning, we would love to hear from you.

Please drop me an e mail at paulakeaveney@yahoo.co.uk

Is the noise driving you mad?

I've been contacted by people living near the building site on the old New Heys school site.  I'm told that people are struggling with constant noise, dust and inconsiderate behaviour from the builders.

When planning decisions are made for sites like this there are conditions.  And those include things to protect people living nearby.

I wonder how many of these conditions the builders, who are working for Redrow, actually follow?

I'll be looking into this with colleagues, but meanwhile if you have concerns please do e mail me at paulakeaveney@yahoo.co.uk

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Planning applications in our area

An application's come in for the old petrol station site on Booker Avenue/Greenhill Road .  You can see the stuff on the Council website at this link.  By the looks of things there is still a bit of info missing so the comments function isn't on yet.

There's an application to turn a warehouse in Woodhey Road into housing.  You can comment on this one with a deadline later in July.  The info is .here

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Latest planning applications in our area

Here are the latest planning applications in the Cressington ward area (L19 and L18)

If you want details of these sent to you directly in future, e mail me at paulakeaveney@yahoo.co.uk and I'll put you on the list for my bulletins.

When you look at any of these, bear in mind that most of the info is in a section called Related Documents - so scroll down and click.

West Farm B and B on Greenhill Road wants to change to  housing. Info here

Shop/office on St Mary's Road to be changed to flat? Info here

House on Broughton Drive - proposed change to bed sits.

You can comment on these on line.

License decision on new Indian Restaurant - St Mary's Road

The new indian restaurant - Indian Valley - on St Mary's Road has an application in for the hours it can be open and serve alcohol.  The restaurant is where the old Sports Bar used to be.

The Council's licensing committee meets next week (16th June) to make a decision.  There have been some objections/comments from neighbours (although not from local councillors)

The paperwork for the committee is at this link.

Friday, 30 May 2014

Blogging interruption - and answers

I've been having major problems logging in to blog, so apols to those who I know posted comments which were also questions.  Not sure what the techy problem is.

I was asked about the Garston Masterplan and if there is an update on this.  There is sort of.  The plan was signed off by the City Council and there is a project being started through the organisation Sustrans called Pocket Places which is about potential improvements to the pavement/shared space on St Mary's Road.  It's funded by money from the Health Lottery.  At the moment literally all that's happened is the announcement that there is the project, and there will be some meetings/consultations etc.  I am on the mailing list for this so will blog etc to let people know when things move.

Obviously there were other things in the Masterplan so what I'll be doing is as and when I get info about the various bits, I'll post stuff on here and put info in my e mails.  If you want to get regular e mails of news about the area (mainly L19 and L18) e mail me at paulakeaveney@yahoo.co.uk and I will put you on the list.

I was also asked re the Co op.  I do know that there is an organisation talking to the Co op right now about using the building.  Nothing is confirmed though,  It is something we keep checking on so again as soon as I have some more useful news, will post.